Which is Healthier: Blender or Juicer

Do you love smoothies has part of your health regime? If you are all about your smoothies than you will be surprised to find out that there is a difference between blending your foods and juicing your foods. As it is, most of us don’t get our required amount of fruit

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Tips For Buying Your Next Car Online

With all the different resources online for buying cars, it’s hard to know exactly which way is the right way to get a good deal. Color buying itself can be quite daunting even without the hassle of a salesperson. Buying a car online takes the pressure off, when you

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Is Medical Marijuana To Be Used As Part Of Opioid Addiction Recovery?

Reports show that prescription opioid addiction, and heroin addiction, have hit record numbers in the country and the medical community. In the United States, these conditions have mostly been treated with more opiates. Trying to get someone off of Oxycontin

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Tips For Surviving Your Trip To Antarctica

With what is perhaps the harshest climate on earth, Antarctica is not your normal tourist destination and it requires a bit more thinking than your normal holiday. You can’t simply forget something and just buy a new one there, like you could in almost any other

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Taking Control

Living in a country, such as the United States, where the average weight of both males and females increases every year puts fitness in the minds of a large part of the population. The amount of different ways to control your weight is so numerous that for many people it becomes overwhelming. The

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4 Quick tips for better teeth

There are so many things that people can do in order to keep their teeth clean and their mouth healthy. The hardest part is that this can often feel like a chore, but the more things you do correctly the better your oral hygiene will be. This will focus on some really

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At the dentist office.

My dentist, my hero

First of all I’d like to thank my dentist so much for what he has done for me, not only has made me more self-confident but he has changed my life for the better. You see when I was at school I was relentlessly teased and tormented due to the fact that my teeth were all stuck out, misaligned and

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Nurses: Interesting Facts and Figures

In a nutshell a nurse is someone that has been trained and educated in the care of sick and disabled people.

Nurses perform many roles with in the medical profession, mostly the care of sick, injured or disabled people by administering medication, the general care of patient’s, observation and recording

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Dentists are shifting their focus

Dentistry today is a relatively painless process, so your teeth or gums are giving you problems, your finding difficult to sleep at night because of the constant throbbing and when you eat it causes unbearable pain. All it takes is a quick telephone call to your local dentist; you speak to the secretary

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Dental School

If you wish to practice as a UK dentist there are several years of study ahead of you. A minimum of 5 years at a dental school, in fact. After that you will have obtained an approved degree, either BDS or BChD, and will need to go through another 2 years of hands-on supervised practice. Dentistry

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